OpenAustralia DevLive is a prebuilt development appliance that allows you to download a ready-to-run OpenAustralia.org and PlanningAlerts development server. No server setup, no dependencies, no worries - just download and start hacking.

It is built using SUSE Studio and openSUSE 11.1.


The appliance is available as a VMWare appliance (that can be run using the free VirtualBox software or the no cost VMWare Player).

A big thank you to Community Builders for hosting the appliance download.


Some important settings you'll need:

  • User user auto logs in to a desktop. Just fire up Firefox to see the dev sites
  • Unix users root and user - password oa
  • MySQL - databases
    • OpenAustralia: openaustralia, user openaustralia, password openaustralia
    • PlanningAlerts: planningalerts, user planningalerts, password planningalerts
  • To enable search, as root, run: /srv/www/openaustralia/twfy/search/index.pl openaustralia daterange 2007-09-19 2007-09-21

Bug reports and feature requests

Please feel free to leave bug reports and feature requests in the comments.


To find out how the original OpenAustralia.org DevLive was created, check out the blog post.

Git Repository

All of the files used to create OpenAustralia DevLive are hosted in a GitHub repository so you can now build your own if you'd like.

Change Log

0.1.0 - Added PlanningAlerts.org.au

0.0.6 - Alpha version adding PlanningAlerts.org.au

0.0.5 - Make the twfy directory a Git repo that can git pull from updates from the Github repo

0.0.4 - Enable searching on the OpenAustralia dev site

0.0.3 - Added git, added Open VM Tools (removed Perl-Error due to a conflict). Firefox bookmarks and start page changed

0.0.2 - Added data to DB

0.0.1 - First alpha release. Basic web app running